My personal dream armor set for halo infinite. What's yours?

This is my dream halo infinite armor setup.

Helmet: Enforcer (h4/h5)
Helmet attachment: that visor shield that is on the mark VII helmet
Armor core: the C.I.O. chest piece from H4
Shoulders: Halo reach “commando” shoulders
Knee gaurds: UA/TYPE FJ
Gloves: challenger (for now)
Visor: (something neon blue as there is no current neon blue visor)
Armor coating: (A black armor coating with neon blue accenting on the edges. Then the armor pieces made to look like they’re carbon fiber. The pattern on the undersuit will be black with neon blue cherry blossoms with gray branches)

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I would love to see a version of the H3 Security helmet.


I want metallic blue with red and gold accents. Tactical leg pouches and ammo belt and the dead eye helmet (h4 version, h5 dead eye was a let down). Ironically I am far from a dead eye, but I like the look.


Optimus Prime helmet or armor set, with Nemesis Prime coating and red visor. :thinking:


I actually think an Optimus style armour would fit well into the Halo aesthetic.

Used to absolutely live for Beast Wars when I was a kid.

Another series aside from DOOM Guy which everyone wants I wouldn’t mind an Onyx Guard/Carmine helmet from Gears of War and some cog style armour.


I just want my Achilles back. Ideally with a glossy black/red coating.

Make it happen 343i. You know I’m good for the money.


A metallic light blue and purple armor coating would be nice would be something I want tbh

I pretty much have mine, Reach ODST armor :+1:

A utility from reach is missing. The ODST’s in reach would wear them… I have no idea why though :sweat_smile:

I would also like a black and white armor core. I want a white stripe on the helmet :pray:

All of this would complete complete my legacy look :heart:

I feel like I’m writing a letter to Santa :santa:


Armor cores for every member of Alpha Nine!


My personal dream armor is the following:
Armor Coating - Either H2A arbiter color theme, halo infinite forerunner color theme (either bronze or silver color), and/or greek or norse mythology color theme.
Armor Core - Gen 3 MK VI
Helmet - Either Gen 3 MK VI or Gen 3 Achilles
Visor - either Gold or Spartan Locke’s cyan/light blue visor.
Shoulders - Either Freds Gen 3 MK VI (with the knives in the shoulder) or H reach emile shoulders (both shoulders have the kukri) or the comando shoulders.
Chest - Spartan cloak with medallion (kinda like Juns chest piece).
Utility - soft case
Forearm - Either shotgun shells or tactical screen or whatever.
Knee Pad - Gen 3 MK VI
Back Accessories - along side with the Spartan clock and maybe a greek style sword.
Number - Wolf 007
I know that was ridiculously long, but this is pretty much my perfect spartan that could work in Halo Infinite. What do you guys think?

A full bright yellow suit that is as bright as possible and easy to spot even from across the map. I also wish I could just have a blank yellow tag with my name in black on it. With a full ring/circle behind it, like the broken ring, except not broken.

Me trying to make my Reach Spartan so this is my go to

Helmet: Mark VI (As per usual)

Chest: HP/ Halo (Waiting for the JFO Bundle)

Left Shoulder: CQC (Waiting for the CQC Bundle)

Right Shoulder: Mark V (Or Mark VI in Infinite apparently)

Kneepads: Gungnir

Wrist: None

Gloves: Default

Utility: Softcase

Visor: Gold

Colour: White or Black (If 343 can stop selling the same colour coatings that be great)

I’m gonna assume crosscore is possible here
@SpectralXIV , I’m gonna steal your layout if that’s ok…

Helmet: MARK VII

Helmet attachment: MK58 CBRN/TOFANI (I assume that would work with the helm?)

Chest: UTIL/Tvastar Diagnostic Rig

Left Shoulder: SAP/M [K]

Right Shoulder: SAP/M

Kneepads: UA/Type JFO


Gloves: Hemicyon

Utility: TAC/Model 52 Navy Knife

Visor: Dragoon

Colour: Wild Kovan

you mean UA/Armet, right

For my Mk. VII core with the options available

Armour core: MK. VII

Helmet: Mark V ZETA

Helmet attachment: UA/MAUROS

Chest: TAC/MK 88 Ratio

Left Shoulder: UA/Tatius

Right Shoulder: UA/Agathius

Knee Guards: UA/Type SA

Wrist: Default

Gloves: Default

Utility: MAT-2550/Grenade Pack

Visor: Tactical Ops Visor

Armour coating: Noble Portal/Cadet Grey/Scorpion Punch

I don’t have a dream armor set because I always end up changing my armor sets in games.
Armors I’d like to see:
Fallout’s power armors.
The Elder Scrolls’ armors.
Star Wars’ armors.
Metroid’s armors.
Mass Effect’s armors.
Metal Gear’s armors.
Marvel’s armors.
DC’s armors.
From Software’s armors.
Classic armors.
Knight armors.
Gladiator armors.
Ninja armors.

Please, lets not make this Halo: Fortnite

I want my pilot helmet, ideally with the skull like i had in reach.

God i loved that game and the fact my visor slightly changed the skull just made it all the better, wouldn’t mind my weather effect either

Sadly if this stuff ever comes to infinite itll cost me the price of a full game :frowning:


As long as they redesign it to fit the style (like what was done for the Hayabusa armor in Halo 3), I think it’d be good to have armors based on the ones from those series.

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Halo 3 Recon and the Mjolnir armor in Halo Wars.