My own montage

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Since this is a community creations forum, i thought it would be nice to share my recent made montage. It is sort of a recap of my period playing the game and i made it to show off how much i like it. I may not be the most MLG player, but some parts of it are funny. I enjoy making the montages and would like to meet people with the same interest as me, and maybe you guys got some tips for me to make it much more enjoyable to watch!
My channel is ‘Keizermadness’ and this is the link:
Thanks for checking this out if you read this!

Very nice work! Music choice is really solid. I really liked your intro but I thought it was a little too long. Also I think you could play around with the cutting to make it more interesting and could also tie in your different shots in a fashion that ties into the rhythm of your pieces of music.

Be sure to post on here when you upload more!

Nice job, very good edits; keep up the good work. If you want, let’s go ahead and trade subs so we can help each other out on YouTube. I’ll leave my channel here: I subscribed to you and would appreciate if you did the same :slight_smile:

pretty wicked man! i like the quality! i aswell just posted my halo montage up on here, im new to the site!