My overall review of multiplayer and Campaign


I love the open world and explorative nature, especially trying to find the skulls. Doing side objectives, that aren’t forced but can help. The downside is it does feel empty, and repetitive. It seems like there was a bunch of cut content. While the weapon variety is okay, I don’t understand why they didn’t add in weapons and vehicles from past games? Seems like a missed gold mine.

The horde enemies and enemy variety was great. Haven’t had a good challenge or fun in fighting enemies since Halo 2 and 3.

Bosses: These are a good thing and I enjoyed them. I ran through on legendary the first playthrough. Though to be frank, some of it seems more luck based than skill based. There is no soft or hard telegraphing of attacks (the brutes primarily with their 500 meter lunge instant transmission 1 shot mechanic). I haven’t died in a single Halo game this much, even Halo 2. I digress, when it came to the story arc’s for these bosses they were decent, but could have been built upon. The only two that had a good arc were escharum and the harbinger.

We should be able to go back and replay missions, or go back to previous areas explored. Once you leave a few areas of the game, you can’t go back if you missed something… or you just want to replay it. It’s very time consuming to restart and go back.

solid 7.5/10. The overall campaign was short (main missions). I am awaiting DLC for the campaign, and more content added that was seemingly cut as I mentioned earlier. It will get a higher rating.


I really detest the amount of AR starts we have. There are only two BR playlists. Which is Swat and Ranked Arena. I feel there is no skill gap with the AR compared to precision and the gameplay of those playlists feel bleh. We need BR slayer and BR Arena for casuals playlists. Let alone, BTB is AR starts, what in the heck??? I feel quite insulted we haven’t had a mainline game from 343 that hasn’t implemented BR or even DMR starts. Ranked was a step in the right direction, but none for the casual or BTB playlists. People should enjoy their “loadout” That’s why we need seperate playlists… I don’t want to be forced to play ARs, as they don’t want to play precision.

Speaking of Ranked. Why do we only have 1 ranked playlist? Where is Ranked Slayer, and ranked FFA? You guys should separate the casual playlists from the ranked in the main menu.

Why don’t we have exp ranks? That’s just completely odd to me. It would add something to grind for at least in this game, besides the battle pass. Which leads into microtransactions. The system you currently have is unacceptable pricing, and there is no way for people to unlock armor via credits from gameplay. Majority of the armor is locked behind a paywall.

Something needs to be done about BTB. Vehicles spawn near the end of the match, and equipment and power weapons spawns too frequently. Always 4-5 dudes running with graps and rockets. The maps themselves aren’t really designed for vehicle combat either, especially flying vehicles… I am hoping for some changes here in this playlist.

The gameplay itself feels smooth when it wants to work. Currently there is a lot of desync, and hit reg issues. along with the no region select feature. there is no reason people from other regions should have to play on servers that are high pinged for them. I am in the Midwest, and I was playing on Aussie servers… Makes no sense.

Speaking of features, we need an add player option, or “continue to play with fireteam” option to roll lobbies. Also a better main menu. Where you can see your friends on the side like the MCC for QOL invites. It would also be nice to have the option to play with a preferred input without the other interfering with the one being used… like the MCC. There are issues with PC players that want to use a controller getting no aim assist. Or people playing with MnK on xbox that have sluggish controls.

The maps in 4v4’s are pretty good coming from what we got in Halo 5. I have no issues here, well done.

The only gripe I have regarding the casual playlists besides above is the lack of infection and firefight. Those should be day 1 releases. Just a thing about infection, do it like it was during the Halo 5 H’ween event. Make it objective based survival.

Yeah, yeah. I did some complaining, but the game is overall good compared to the other 2 installments. I give it a total of 7/10 overall. It will get a higher rating when things are released, and patched.