My Ordnance always gets me killed

I have kind of a funny problem playing Halo 4 multiplayer. Usually, in the heat of battle, I’ll hear Steitzer’s energized shout of “Ordnance ready!”, and see the directional pad appear with choices at the top of my HUD. I’ll usually get another kill or two before a small lull in the battle, but the enemies aren’t gone yet. That said, I’ll usually be low on ammunition or even health, and desperately need an escape or a power weapon to get out. Enter Ordnance drops.

I’ll get around a corner and try to place my Ordnance drop as close to me as possible, so I don’t have to reveal myself very much to snag it. Well, the system usually instead chooses to dispense my Ordnance across the room from me. I will try to sneak out my hiding to grab it quickly, and will get killed right when it’s in my hands.

Here’s an example: I was on Solace, on the little ramp leading up to the enemy’s Sniper perch area. I had just killed three of them, my shields were down, but my Ordnance was ready. I saw them respawn just around the corner on my radar, so I went up the ramp to the Sniper spawn, looked at the ground, and fired away on an Ordnance weapon - an Incineration Cannon. Well, instead of spawning in front of me, in the safety of the Sniper spawn, the Ordnance drops right in the middle of the hallway down the ramp from the Sniper spawn. It’s not too far though, and my enemy is close, so maybe I can rack up more kills with it if I move fast. So I swiftly grab it, and am killed right away.

Why does my Ordnance like to spawn within the enemy’s sight lines? :frowning:

Wait till you die or have a safe place to drop the ordnance.

Just wait for the best time. Iv gone as far as to earn my Ordnance and get another 5 kills because i havent had a good chance to use it. Plus its best to call it in where its somewhat open. I find if you call it and ur close to a wall it throws off where it lands

Hopefully this will be fixed in the next TU. Ramps and walls are the killers, watch out.

The only thing I liked about how bad ordnance drops are is that I once accidentally killed an enemy who was about to kill me with the ordnanace

stop pointing your reticule across the map, then