My opinions on the evolution of the Halo campaigns

Hey Spartans
After completing the Halo 5 campaign today i sat and pondered at the evolution of Halo’s campaign from Bungie era to 343.
I will start with the original trilogy.

Halo CE: Mysterious and epic combined with a perfect gameplay formula of on-foot combat and vehicle warfare mixed with a slow but steady paced story. Sandbox gameplay was one of the niche’s of the Halo formula, introducing expansive maps to allow player choice whilst sending them down a single path.

Halo 2: Much akin to Halo CE, Halo 2 took everything from the first game and doubled it. The forerunners we’re still a huge mystery but we delved slightly deeper into their background while focusing on the covenant. Character development was more fleshed out and Bungie took the ballsy move of allowing us to control the Arbiter who in my opinion was an amazing personality.

Halo 3: Bungie took EVERYTHING they learned with the first two Halo games and set out to make the most epic story, action based Halo yet. Sandbox gameplay was extended in the latter part of the campaign and allowed for amazing set pieces, truly setting an example of how to handle the 360 hardware.

Thus begins the Reclaimer trilogy…in my personal opinion where things started to go pear shaped.

Halo 4: Sandbox gameplay took a massive hit while story remained consistent. Corridor shooting for the most part Halo 4 revoked it’s massive set piece warfare of the previous game and focused on the characters of Chief and Cortana more.

Halo 5: Continuing along the same route as Halo 4 for the most part while expanding levels very slightly, still the epic gameplay that i remember from the previous trilogy still did not return. Some old characters returning was a huge plus but story still felt weak.
Now this is only a short summery and how i feel the Halo campaigns have progressed. But playing Halo 5’s campaign and with my slightly disappointment with the 4th iteration i now have shelled some excitement for Halo 6. The mystery of the forerunners is long gone and the sandbox gameplay that i once loved has been dialed back. I thought with the power of the next generation of consoles we could of expected something similar to Halo 3 in terms of level design but i really feel that the problem at hand is the scope in which 343 has.
Any opinions?