My opinions about the title update

Ok, let me start by saying I absolutely love the 4sk BR! Best thing about this game right now. But there were a few things I do not see why you “fixed”.

  • The automatic weapon buff is unnecessary. I think the damage should’ve stayed the same but the aim assist would change. Those are meant to be “noob” guns and shouldn’t be encouraged to be any use to anybody unless they are new at the game. That is just my opinion, I know many AR fans will hate me for saying that but thats what I just think.

  • The Mantis chaingun should NOT be stronger. The Mantis is overpowered as it is no need to make it better. I was actually thinking you would make the mantis a little easier to destroy. (Well I guess I could just not play BTB)

Everything else about the TU was amazing. The DMR isn’t as good anymore and the BR is now the king of Halo again. I got so satisfied out gunning a DMR user today. The movement speed is absolutely brilliant. Static weapon spawns are amazing!

What I would like to see in the next TU(If their is one)


-Strafe Inertia (Makes you start at top speed like in Halo 1 and 2.)

Overall great work 343! I am so happy we have Bravo and Quinn! You guys are making Halo fun again!

You lost me when you said automatics should not be of use to anybody who isn’t “new”, I have some loadouts with automatics as secondaries and they are of great use when I whip them out at their intended effective range.

They are a big part of the overall Halo sandbox…

Automatics are more of a powerfull secondary weapon, and the mantis chain probably was a bad idea, but the 4shot BR, and the New lightrifle make up for it.

decrease shield recharge wait

kill instaspawn

otherwise, happy to see Halo returning to it’s former glory.

Automatics were a crutch in Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo Reach.

That does not mean they should always be.

Halo 4 has moved them closer to being what they should: skillful and useful.

> <mark>decrease shield recharge wait</mark>
> kill instaspawn
> otherwise, happy to see Halo returning to it’s former glory.

In a way I agree but I think because of the new shield recharge people will call out more on who’s one shot or weak.