My opinions about the look of new/old weapons

Hello there

Im not sure have there been this kind of thread before , atleast i havent found one.

I (for some reason) wanted to share my opinions about the new looks of the old weapons and also what do i think about the looks of the new weapons. So lets get starded shall we?

AR: Looks pretty nice , like the H3 version.
BR:Looks absolutely amazing! It now actually looks like a proper weapon , in H2-H3 it looked like a toy gun.Atleast for me

DMR: It looks pretty good but i liked the Halo Reach BETA version of the DMR

Magnum: Nothing special.

RL: Looks a little bit too small compared to the other game´s versions. Oh well…

Shotgun: I have to be honest here: It actually looks like a shotgun now! I dont know why but compared to the H4 version , the other versions are kind of…Ugly.

SR: Its disgusting. Seriosly

SD: Looks kind of cool.

SAW: I dont really like how it looks. Doesnt feel like a Halo weapon anymore

Spartan Laser: Nothing special about this either.

Railgun: Looks pretty odd but i will get over it. I hope so.

Storm Rifle: Meh. Plasma Rifle was better looking

Carbine: looks pretty good.

FRG: Ugh too much Reach design.

Needler: Why is it so small? But still , nothing special about it either

PP: Now it looks like a pistol! After 10 years , it finally looks like a proper alien pistol

Energy sword: Nothing special

Concussion Rifle: i like the green color in it. It looks alot better than the Reach version

Beam rifle : I think im in love

Gravity Hammer: Why is it so small?

Light Rifle: It looks pretty big and bulky and takes alot of room from the screen. But still it looks solid and cool

ScatterShot: I think im in love with this thing too :smiley:

Supressor: Well its…Interesting looking piece of something…

BoltShot: Yea…Im not going to say anything about this one…

Inceneration Cannon: HOLY MOTHER OF COW! THAT THING IS HUGE! (thats what she said)

Binary Rifle: That thing looks too futuristic compared to other Halo weapons. And its awesome :smiley:

Well there is my opinions about every weapons look or something.

You don’t like the magnum? You monster! WORT WORT WORT