My opinion/thoughts

I have a couple things to say about Halo 4. I’ve seen Halo evolve over the years since 2001. I absolutely loved Halo 2, and 3’s multiplayer. Reach was fun for a tiny bit of time then I’d lose interest pretty quick. I’m not going to bash Halo 4 because I haven’t even played it yet.

Ranking System. I know they haven’t announced an actual skill based ranking system yet, but are “working” on it. I know they didn’t bring Halo 3’s back due to boosters. I personally don’t enjoy getting EXP for kills, and what not. It takes away from team work in my opinion. I know they said if you win you do get a bonus, but I come from the competitive side of gaming, and would really enjoy an actual 1-50 rank system. They could use Halo 2’s ranking system, or a variant of that. Arena from Reach wasn’t great to me because it reset, and didn’t feel truly competitive because people would steal kills, and that’s how they would essentially have a better skill than others. Same goes for any EXP progression system that allows you to get points per kill ex: Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty. You get assist points which then makes it so everyone is going around trying to get all they kills they possibly can so they can rank up. To me, it seems like more of a selfish type of ranking system which ends up getting VERY boring. I lose interest to those kind of ranking systems. I would really love to see maybe even a separate playlist type of thing like in Halo 3 “Ranked Playlist,” but this time it would have a separate rank for the progression rank. It just went up 1-50 and didn’t affect a player’s actual rank, like in Halo 3 the only way to be a General was to get 600 EXP and a High Skill of 50. I mean, I did get my 50, and my General, but I can understand where it frustrates people. Reach’s system was just “let’s play all day to get the highest rank,” feels like no skill is involved, just time put in. I love getting matched up with people who are “good” at Halo games because it’s frustrating getting to a lobby where your whole team is HORRIBLE, and you’re the only good one.

Join in Session. I personally wouldn’t enjoy joining a Halo game after it already started, because 1. It usually sets you up for a loss. 2. Your team is probably bad, that’s why people quit, and you’re replacing them. I know they said they made it so you wouldn’t join at the end of the match, but I would like to have some say in what map (veto or vote on a map). Instead of searching then BAM you’re in a game, and you’re already down 15 kills, and you’re stuck thinking “Do I quit and lose EXP, or do I stay and take a loss?”

Armor Abilities. I have personally not enjoyed them in Reach. I just won’t care in Halo 4 since I now accept the fact they aren’t going away. I just hope none of them are too “nooby” or “OP.” Otherwise, I’ll be good.


Also, the campaign looks great. Spartan Ops is very interesting, but cool sounding. Multiplayer I’m on the edge because I haven’t played it yet, and hope I can play competitive and have a way to show my friends the rank I earned by being “good.”

Anyways, enough ranting on. I hope this feels like a good Halo game. Reach was probably the only Halo I didn’t enjoy in the series. (I won’t go in to details because it’s a Halo 4 forum)