my opinion so far(constuctive post)

After playing halo 5 beta from 11:00 cen to 1:00 cent, as far I can play this game is very great and im loving it so far. Opinion is subject to change

-equal starts, no loadouts, and ordinances

-Sprint is nice and balance

-Im glad descope is back it makes aiming harder but can’t really tell hows the aim assist, I normally test that stuff in customs but there is none because its a beta.

-Thuster is pretty sweet was my favorite AA from halo 4 and like the huge delay.

-Weapons seem almost perfect but the SMG is to long range :confused:

-Spartan chatter is very nice and im not out of the loop of whats going on because people don’t talk. (should be a option to disable)

-I feel like its to easy to die the shields could use a small buff (only gameplay issue)

-For some reason my character is pink when in the search menu

-I can’t back out of searches.

Overview: Very fun game and really enjoying it, it feels very halo and I like the mobility but the spartan abilities don’t necessary guarantee you will survive.

The not being able to back out of searches is a big issue, but I’m sure they’re already aware of it.

I think the kill times are a lot quicker due to the AR starts and how effective it is on close-medium range. People die too quickly from the AR.