My Opinion on the New Info (Long Read)

Hey guys it’s Smokeinya here! I’m a Halo Vet been playing since day one and love the franchise ever since! So in this thread I will be taking my time to give an appropriate mature view on the new info; I’m taking this new info with a grain of salt until I see it in action and actually see how these things work in context, which I HIGHLY recommend you all do! Read the bold the other paragraph isn’t that important!

So what do I think of change? I don’t really like it! Most people don’t; does this mean I won’t buy Halo 4. No this is not what it means at all.

My experience of change.(Skip this next paragraph if you want its not important.)

Take World of Warcraft for example. I’ve played WoW for almost 8 years now(Since the original release; started playing on the beta) It was my very first MMO game and I’ve tried all other AAA titles and they didn’t feel the same. I stuck with WoW through all its changes. Now I loved Classic WoW it was breath taking every time I logged in; I had a great guild and, made new friends! It was fun to just log in to just chat them up a bit. The first expac BC I played not nearly as much, I still stayed subbed but my guild broke up and I didn’t connect with the people like the did in the last one. Then WotLK came out! Man I played that thing like a mad man I pratically was always playing Wow or H3. I had a great group of guys I played with and even though everything went to casual Hell I still loved it to death. Then Cata released. My old guild disband and I got into a new one once more. I loved the people, the game became more casual though and the raid groups were already set my tight group of about 25 guys because 100’s of people. It wasn’t the same and I didn’t play all that much this time around.

Now for Halo. I love Classic Halo as much as a mother loves her child; I’ve had close call flag game wins and intense Overkills that win the Team Slayer game! I’ve spent most of my time on Xbox slaying trollers, skilled players, casuals and everyone inbetween with my friends and we still in fact play Halo 3 to this day heavily. Now Reach well Reach isn’t in my eyes a bad game. It was different CHANGE had come to a game that stayed almost the same for a decade I was scared. I didn’t like Reach. Was it because of the intense change? Well in part but probably only 30% of the reason I didn’t play it all that much. 70% of the reason I barely played Reach is because my friends didn’t play. Its not the same talking about these intense moments with your buds when they weren’t there to share it! The changes coming in Halo 4 could ruin the game! But they could also take it to a new all time high! I could give you Halo 3 but that doesn’t mean I can bring back that same Classic feel you had while capping that flag, or killing two people with on sniper round. The problem that comes with games is change. Its not the change itself but rather the playerbase trying to recapture old memories; but thats all they are, there memories you can relive them in your mind but you can’t relive them in the next title. You can only make new memories; I can almost guarantee that if you had never played a Halo game before and I gave you Reach you would probably enjoy it (If you like Sci-fi and FPS games)100% more than if I gave you Halo CE-ODST first. Because if I gave you the Original trilogy first you’d be afraid of the new change.
My fellow Halo fans, what I ask you to do is simple. Wait until the game comes out and you get to play it yourself. I saw the Mass Effect trailers and though “AH MAN THIS WILL BE SWEET!!!” Then I got it in hand and played it; I hated it! You can’t say you don’t like pumpkin pie until you try it first! I ask you to play the game and live in this new experience. Forget Classic Halo and live in the moment, enjoy this new game and the new mechanics and if you still don’t like the game after trying it thats fine at least its not just blind hatred.
Thanks for reading