My opinion on Mutiplayer Future

Ive been a halo fan for all my life. Played every halo. So since halo 4 came out and I’m so disappointed in this game. The population went down so much compared to H3 and I was a die hard H3 player. What happened to going for weapon pickups and not kill streaks? Tactical package and support package take away from how halo was. I say go back to the roots of H2 and H3 and the community and population will grow again. Now I love halo and I always will but in my opinion this isn’t how halo should go.

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Long time Halo fan <3

i agree map control and weapon control is gone, everything is unpredictable now.

vote pro only not this garbage infinity bull crap that should have never been made.

Play team throwdown its a competitive playlist

Primary Weapon

Battle Rifle



Armor ability


Perk 1

Resupply pick up grenades

Perk 2

Explosives grenades less damage more explosive range

Theres weapons on the map

No random ordnance ordnance spawns in the same spot on a timer

Personal Ordnance lets you pick a thruster pack hologram or hardlight shield

Team play enforced!

If u want a social classic playlist try legendary slayer its like halo 3s ar only starts no personal ordnance no ordnance on map no waypoint indicators toward guns weapons on the map small maps try it man theres more than infinity!

Also vote pro settings in infinity there more like “halo”

My family is thankful for H4 - I’ve been spending more time with them lately. I’ve also discovered The Last of Us on PS3.

I still think H4 is a very good game - I enjoy it when I do get the chance to play but many of my friends have moved on to COD or BF3 so it is hard to get that ‘team’ feeling together on my FL as often as I would like.

Honestly I’m waiting for the Xbone and PS4 right now.

> i agree map control and weapon control is gone, everything is unpredictable now.

Actually, it isn’t. I can sure predict and control. It’s different, and you do need to learn new ways of taking advantage of maps and weapons (and the one often without the crutch of the other, which may be a big change for some people) but once you do learn there’s pretty big world out there in Halo 4 to enjoy.

i disagree, random ordinance cannot be controled or played around, seeing as it is random