My opinion on halo wars 2!

Great game overall, seriously needs some type of leaderboards/rank system to go by. I understand its day one and all but i got put with a guy that had 5 grunts 30 mins in. Also, i think they need to go back to the ranks in halo wars 1 where you ranked up from private to general from the points you earned in game. Now you only get 800 points a game and some extra points here and there off challenges and rank up from 1- whatever it ends. This does not motivate me to keep playing as there is no leaderboards, nor ranks. I don’t know if 343 has released a time frame on when we can get some skills levels in the game so people that are competitive doesn’t get stuck with the kid with 4 grunts running around. Overall, the gameplay only to me is a 9/10 and i am pretty picky, its worth your money but 343 needs to get the online play together. Post you opinion below!