My opinion on Halo 5 beta so far.

I have almost played my first 10 matches, I know it’s not extensive play time, but I have some things I’d like to say about what I have seen do far. First, the game plays well overall, it’s fun and very similar to what I would expect from a halo game. But, I didn’t appreciate having multiplayer issues when I first started to play. I would hope that when the game comes out next year, there won’t be a repeat in like with the MCC. I think the intermission time between setting up games is too long, 30 seconds and give players and option to ready up, do it could go quicker. There’s just too much time between games, I find myself getting bored while playing just waiting for a game. I would like to see a grenade icon show up when I’m near a thrown grenade. It makes the ability to thrust away more useful. The battle rifle and dmr doesn’t seem to be as smooth and fluid as it has been in the other games, and the sight on the dmr isn’t that good in my opinion. I like the BA sight more, the one on the dmr makes it harder for me to get a head shot, I’m better off shooting from the hip. I know you want to try something new with aim down the sights and it seems to be ok, but I would want the option in controls to have aim down sights or classic halo aiming.