My opinion on Halo 4 (Spoilers)

Hey guys. I’ve been seeing a decent amount of rage on this forum about a LOT of things.
So, I thought I’d just give my opinion of the whole game.

Just gonna throw in that Halo: CE was the first video game that I actually owned. I still have CE, halo 2, 3, odst, and reach, so I’m a diehard fan, you could say.

Let’s start with Campaign, shall we?
Well, first off, DEM GRAPHICS. That first scene with Halsey was beautiful, props 343.
I liked the story they had in the game, I liked the little interactive cutscene…things.
Favorite part was when Didact came out of the ball and his armor formed on him, my first thought was “WANT ARMOR”
All in all, probably one of the best campaigns I’ve played. Lot’s of fun, like the difficulty of Legendary.

Next: Multiplayer
Oh, God. WAYYYY too many complaints here from a LOT of people. I’ll start with my opinion on the weapons.
BR: I freakin’ love this thing. I hated it in H3, but now I get kill after kill with it, very nice.
DMR: Not op, my god. If anything it’s the weakest of the bunch IMO. I could get 10+ kills with it in one life in Reach, but now? Hate it. But not OP.
Carbine: Damn thing… My brother uses it all the time. I think its high rate of fire makes up for its low dmg, but I haven’t really used it, so…
Magnum: Trusty little thing, good for that quick headshot when your primary loses ammo.
Plasma pistol: I’ve always thought this was useless. Haven’t touched it. No opinion on it whatsoever.
Boltshot: Mother of god I love this gun. Mini shotgun. Now, some would call it OP. Before I used it, I agreed. But now that I use it, I can see that distance and timing are highly critical, if you miss or don’t kill them first shot, you’re pretty much screwed.
Grenades: Meh. Stickies are good for that last RAWR before I die. Frags are frags. I don’t really understand the promethean grenades O.o

Now the gameplay part of multiplayer.
Alright. I understand how people can say Halo 4 is like CoD. And it is. But not NEARLY as much as most people are going on about it. That’s all I’m saying about THAT.
Slowing down while getting shot has gotten me killed numerous times. Kinda annoying, but whatever.
The, uh, whatsitcalled? Bunny hop jetpack thing. The power that replaced evade whose name escapes me at the moment.
Needs a tiny distance buff. It’s just sort of a…hop…
ORDNANCE. I like ordnance. I usually don’t get guns that are uber powerful just a needler or shotgun. I usually use the Overshield/super speed/ damage boost. Makes me feel like a Spartan should be.
Descoping when shot: Hated this when I was sniping. I’d get shot just as I tried to zoom out, and it’d just be a vicious cycle until I died. Pretty indifferent to it though.
Flood mode: I always hated infection. Still do. :slight_smile:
Instant respawn: STOP WHINING ABOUT THIS. It’s only instant in SOME playlists. The playlists where that battles are supposed to be fast. Yes, it’s annoying when i get shot right after killing the same guy cuz he insta spawned. It’s a game, chill out.
Connection issues: I haven’t really had any lag at all…
Rank system: Whatever. Indifferent. Rank doesn’t equal skill. Play for fun, not nonexistent pixellated reward.

Buffs: Bunny hop thing whose name I WILL REMEMBER EVENTUALLY needs a tiny distance boost. Shields should recharge faster.

All in all, 343i’s first game. And it isn’t absolutely terrible, so props to them. I like halo 4. If that upsets you, sorry. But in all honesty, I think it’s a fun game.

Also, to those who solved that raider codes, you guys are geniuses.
Even though I like recon better :stuck_out_tongue: