My opinion on Halo 4 + Finding of my Research

This is just my opinion but:
Flood: possibly

forrunners: infected possibly but not uninfected coz forrunners died in halo blast leaving the sentinels and moniters (they were a peaceful civilization so wouldnt fight humans)

covenant: possible coz arbiter goes back to his planet millions of miles away and could possibly cross chief on the way ( still a war between elites and covenants )

new threat ive heard: PRECUSORS mentioned a lot (apparently can make itself look like any lifeforms to trick the eyes) and NELKRON not mentioned a lot (NELKRON = biomechanic life form)

books that relate to story: HALO CRYPTUM and HALO PRIMORDIUM (halo primordium same image as concept art of halo 4 so definatly relates to story)

Correct your spelling please… it really makes you sound… younger?

Flood: must be there.

Forerunners: They weren’t very “paceful”… Read Cryptum and you’ll see.

Covenant: I don’t know why do every body want to include the Arbiter… Why separate him from the Chief in Halo 3!? To make they reunite in the next game like if nothing had changed!?

Precursors: Most likely.

Nelkron: Don’t make me laugh. There have been only one thread about that from someone who says they have always been there and that he has a leak feed… And the name is dumb. Why add a new species when we are expecting to fight something big like Precursors?! And

The name. Is. Very. Dumb.

And we already knew they were related to Halo 4…

And most likely tittle in HIGHER-CASE means locking thread.

lol op, you have read neither book.
the forerunners are neither peaceful nor powerful; in ancient times according to halo canon humans were hyper advanced began fighting forerunners because they were losing space territory to the flood, the humans eventually made a cure to the flood but were pushed to the brink of extinction by the forerunners (who killed their creators the precursors), and the humans were quarintied to a random planet of disclosed location (earth) and as a last middle finger to the forerunners the humans destroyed the cure to the flood infection, causing the forerunners to build the halo array.
The precursors left the galaxy using the galactic mantle, halo 4 will be about the reclaimation of the milky way and recovery of forerunner history, followed by halo 5s release on september 29th, 2015 which will be about recovering the galactic mantle and which spiecies is the true inheritor of the universe.

Dont believe me, Im from 2018 and halo 6 comes out next month;

sources: halopedia
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There is only one precurser so how in the hell would you fight an army of them more likely a boss fight.

Forerunners they ran away. Werent peacefull until they were forced to exterminate themselves to save the universe. only a couple remain. plus they may have left the galaxy if their last battle was at the ark cause the area blast of the halos could have been anywhere from the ark to the whole universe. and they most likely left.

Flood obviously going to be there as well as sentinels.