My Opinion on Breakout

So I’ve played quite a few games of Breakout so far, and for a new game mode it’s pretty damn straight forward. No shields, you get a pistol, you have increased health so that about 3 pistol head shots will kill you. There’s usually a DMR and a Battle Rifle on whatever map you’re playing on, if not one on every map.

However, it seems that everyone prefers to use the starting SMGs no matter the distance between them and their target. Sometimes they’ll go for the Hydra, which personally I don’t feel like the tracking is quite good enough to make up for the maneuverability players have, especially with all of the cover in Breakout maps.

As for the maps, they’re great. There’s plenty of cover, but not so much that melees and grenades are the only viable option. There’s vantage points to see large portions of the battle field on a few that are made for it. The floor even has footprint tracking, though if they were hoping that players could/would use it to keep up with enemies, it doesn’t last long enough (though if they weren’t, it’s fine, just a cool feature that I didn’t notice for a few days).

All in all, I’d give the playlist 4/5, the only real bad thing about it being the players not seeming to understand the concept of a head shot focused game mode. The only maps I see people going for Battle Rifle on are Trident, where it’s directly in front of the spawn, and Altitude, where they usually end up dying right away.