My opinion of Halo CEA

First off, let me say that just about EVERY remake/movie adaption of a video game SUCKS. They never turn out right, and often times fail. Halo CEA is NOT one of those games. It is easily the best game I’v purchased in a long time. Playing through its campaign, switching back and forth between Classic and Remade, it reminded me of the first time I played Halo CE 2 or so years ago. Probably the first time in a while that I’ve actually had fun playing a Halo game. I planned on having CEA be my final decision on whether or not I was going to buy Halo 4, as I doubted the series when the abomination known as Reach came out, but I can officially say, that I can NOT wait for holiday season 2012. Thank you 343i, for restoring my love of Halo.

Now, please share your opinion of Halo CEA, so we can discuss the goods and the bads of this game. The only flaw I can find is whenever Cortana talks, her mouth movement doesn’t match what she says. Kinda annoying.

Frankly Nostalgia is never something that I can retrieve and relive successfully.

Combat Evolved Anniversary has some of the best looking visuals I’ve seen so far in a Video Game. The Silent Cartographer is pretty much looking like a dream.

The rest of the campaign however felt mostly like a chore. In order to get myself to like it again, I have to do all the silly and stupid things that I did 10 Years Ago. It just isn’t the same though. Combat Evolved Anniversary feels more or less as a memorial game. It isn’t as exciting or amazing as Sonic Generations or Skyrim but its pretty good for its value.

I’m remaining neutral towards 343 Industries at the moment. They seem to see Nostalgia and Classic as a key game development point from what I can tell.

It isn’t…

From Diablo I, we got new and exciting features in Diablo II. 343 Industries just needs to keep the basic core mechanics such as Jumping, Shooting, Reloading, Hitting, Switching Weapons and Entering Vehicles. They can add new gameplay features but as long as they don’t derive themselves too much from the core then that should be fine.

I’m not saying we should be just core though. I want to play Halo 4, not Halo: CE Generation 2.15.