My opinion but halo 5 is just annoying

It feels very clunky, grenades feel laggy. Melee doesn’t seem to hit when you want it to. There is honestly no reason to use anything other than the AR/SMG. Sniper is pointless because kill times are faster. Sword is ok at times but you will more than likely die by an AR before you can get close. Just my opinion though. The enjoyment I used to get with halo just isn’t there

There are reasons to use things other than the AR but the main one is probably not getting absolutely destroyed across the level whilst you are more or less helpless. Sure the AR will hit at range now but a BR/DMR will still beat you hands down.

The sword is hugely powerful. Every time I have seen someone dominating on Truth it has been with the sword. I have done it a few times. The key is not to just charge blindly at the guy wielding the AR. There are plenty of flanking routes and once you get in amongst their team from behind or via a grav lift there is very little they can do to stop you.

Also whilst I am bad with the sniper rifle I have seen Empire totally locked down by someone who was good with it. He destroyed our team.

My experience has been opposite. The sniper wrecks and wins me games. All the sound effects have that clunky, heavy feel to it (I like it), yet I still feel extremely agile as a player. Can’t comment on the sword. I don’t use it much really. Precision rifles still wreck AR/SMG at a reasonable distance.

I just don’t see a reasonable distance because you can get out of fire so quick and close the distance fast in this game