My opinion about the mutliplayer

Hi, I played a lot Halo 4 so I can give my final opinion about the multiplayer :

There are a lot things to be fixed, I’ll talk about the most problematic ones :

Allright, power ups are not realy bad idea for social games, but there are 2 power ups which they need to do something about :

Invisibility : Too much effective, does not take too long to be reloaded. So a lot of players use it to camp and take you in the back. The radar trouble should be likle the Halo Reach one. The Halo 4 radar trouble when using invisibility is not enough hiding the ennemies. So it’s very easy to find the good red dot on the radar.

The worst is when they use Invisibility + BOLTGUN ! It’s so frustrating to be killed by a guy who is crouching with a boltgun while being invisble.

Promethean vision : dah -Yoink- 343 ? You put an integrated wall hack on your game ? Its so damn much effective ! Very quickly reloaded and no desaventage drawback while using it ( it could be can’t walk, or can’t run for example )

I played a party yesterday, they were 4 enemies with all of them using the promethean vision. That sucked so much. So maybe you have to put a limit about power ups at spawns like only 2 power ups per team or something.

Btw I prefered when we could find the power ups on the map, when a guy had a power ups he deserved it. Now it’s just … -.-

An other point is, the insta spawn. In EVERYMOD this is a problem. Play a ThrowBack just one time you’ll see what I mean. Everytime you kill someone, he has already spawn near you and know your position. You can’t have a break for 5 seconds. It’s so frustrating to get a triple kill and get killed by the first one you’ve killed. Realy, remove the INSTA SPAWN it’s just one of the worst idea EVER!

The AR is too much effective too. How much times it happend that I shot first with my DMR, no miss, and then the dudes with the AR kill me ? I don’t count anymore it’s so frustrating to be killed by a casualgun

1> Put desaventage for promethean vision and make a true trouble on the radar while using invisibility ( OR REMOVE theses power ups would be greater :wink: )

2> Remove the possibility to spawn with a BOLTGUN>Plasma nades>Plasma gun

3> Remove the INSTA spawn and put back 4 secondes

4> AR too much effective

Since 2 weeks I don’t have fun anymore about this game. Too much frustrating, so I left on other games. I play halo since 2002 and this is the first time I stop a halo game so quickly.

Sorry my english is not perfect.