My only problem with halo 4...

Is active camo.

It’s probably the most overpowered armour ability. I mean sure, it jams the radar showing about where you are, but in the heat of battle you can’t see an invisible person crouch walking to you with a shotgun.

So far it’s the only problem I have, 343 should just add an invisibility powerup (if possible) and not allow active camo as an armour ability…

Can you see AC users with promethean vision?

I think it might be like wet works and only show an outline

Well in the heat of battle with a jammed motion sensor, I don’t see why it should be a surprise to you that a camo’d individual might be sneaking up on you.

Not a problem spam the ar and should probably turn around. It’s not a problem.

But my only problem is finding anything worthwhile on this form. It’s a chore to do.

> Can you see AC users with promethean vision?

Why yes yes you can, not through walls though

You should be sticking with teammates, wandering off alone makes you vulnerable to surprise Active Camo buttseckz.