My only complaint for Infinite, the Mgalekgolo

I haven’t spoken in a while. But there is one complaint I have for Halo Infinite. Just one.

In fact it’s a problem that actually did carry over from Halo 5: Guardians. The Mgalekgolo.

Aka. The Hunters. I have always, always seen Hunters as my least favourite enemy in the Covenant. One hit from their Shield, you’re dead. One shot from their Fuel Rod Cannon, you’re dead (keep in mind I play Legendary usually). No headshots possible, for they have no actual “head”. Always chase you. Always in pairs. Only weak spots are their backs. And their deaths gave you no weapons to take, only survival.

However, they were in a sense balanced. You can stick grenades on them. They were somewhat slow, so you could dodge them. You could use an actual strategy to beat them and exploit their weaknesses.

Now on to H5: G. Now they’re fast. REALLY FAST. Like “even using thrusters to dodge them is ineffective” fast. Forget getting behind them. They have quicker reflexes than you now. And now they have a rapid fire system when you get too far away. And grenades don’t stick anymore. So unless you have a lot of heavy firepower, forget it.

And Halo Infinite made them even more of bullet sponges. Especially the red glowing ones. The game got rid of the Spartan Laser and the Fuel Rod Gun. But we have the Skewer. That gun kills any enemy that’s not a boss with a headshot. ANY. But Hunters? About six or seven shots with this it seems.

The balance has been taken away from these enemies. Enemies that were like pseudo bosses in the past, even in Halo 4. Now they’re straight up bosses. Too strong and fast to make a fight where you think. Now you just have to unload all sorts of explosions on them and hope you survive.


They have ruined the dance that was the fun part of fighting them and simply turned them into boring bullet sponges. Just another example of Halo being made by people who don’t understand Halo.

I dunno. They had them right in Halo 4. I just don’t get why they changed that.

Hell, even in Halo 5, you could dodge the Warden Eternal easier and shoot him in the back. It’s stupid how the ACTUAL BOSS was easier to take down than Hunters.

Good post and I agree they’re bloody hard now.

By the way, have you tried the tank gun easter egg? It works wonders lol

I have not, to be honest. But that would require beating the game on Legendary and finding everything…again!

Rockets, 50 CAL didn’t do a thing.

I was surprised to see how good the hunters are in this game. Particularly at the beginning of the game and trying to get past them and go for a skull.
Towards the end of the game I was going for all the bounties and I think 1 of them was a pair of hunters. By then it was a lot easier to do. I did all the side stuff early so I could get the wasp asap. If you have the wasp, you just have to keep distance, have a decent strafe to avoid hunters attacks, and shoot your machine guns every time the rockets cooldown. Repeat for about a half hour. (they’ll shoot you out of the sky a couple times)

They do seem pretty beefy in Infinite, I wish there was a more interesting way of fighting them.

Especially with the bandana skull adding hunter “boarding” back into Reach!

easier way- get a truck full o’ da jarheads holdin’ rocket launchers.

Well…there are plenty of places in the campaign where you can’t bring marines.