My old Halo games service records are not showing.

So I was messing around with my Halo Waypoint profile when I notice my Halo 2, 3, 3 ODST, and Reach service records are not showing up on my profile. My Halo 4, MCC, and Halo 5 service records are showing up though. Is there some way I can get those records to show? Or do I have to go replay them all again? I think my Bungie account still has all that information in it.

Hey OP, if you have changed your gamer tag at any point then that’s why your stats wont show. To sync everything up with your new tag you will need to olay a match or 2 of multiplayer ot campaign on each game, while connected to Xbox Live, your stats should sync up shortly after that.

The only stats that wont sync are Halo 2 as the original Xbox Live multiplayer servers are no longer operational. You would have to switch back to whatever gamer tag you had while playing Halo 2 to keep your stats under the one tag :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks so much!

That’s a bummer that i can’t get Halo 2 to pop up on my account. Damn.