My OLD Halo 5 Wishlist

This was my wishlist that I drew up about Halo 5: Guardians before ANY official announcements. Sooo. Prebeta wishlist. Some of the things on here are already confirmed/denied but I thought I would share it and have you guys discuss what you want.

I want a good campaign story that will rival the best video game stories and integrate so much lore that it will boggle my mind thus propeling halo to the top of the gaming sales charts and making it more popular then ever*… and I also want blue team in the campaign… VERY VERY VERY BADLY.

*Microsoft executives will not use it for money grabbing, but will see the value in story quality over cash grabs.

I want the campaign to last 10 hours or more

I want to have missions as Arbiter and Chief again.

I agree with much of your old list, like forgeable firefight maps and bringing back all the gametypes EVER and making Marty the composer again, as well as special armor that only the developers have access to and give away to deserving members of the community like Recon in Halo 3 before Bungie gave it away as a reward for the vidmaster achievements. I also think it would be cool to have anti-air wraiths in MP, but they would have to be modified before they put them in so they wouldn’t be OP.

Nice doodles btw lmao