my new favorite Halo 4 weapon

The Magnum!
I have been cleaning house with this lately and I’m not exactly sure why. I got a killing spree (with a double kill in there) with only the magnum against all battle rifles on Ravine! Its accuracy and rate of fire is just perfect.
The magnum is an extremely important and iconic weapon for long-time Halo fans, and it really suffered in Halo 2 (too weak) & Halo 3 (too slow) … Reach’s had a good rate of fire though not that accurate, Halo CE’s was just obnoxiously overpowered … but Halo 4’s is just right. Don’t change it.

Halo CE’s was pretty awesome IMO. Halo 2 and 3’s completely ruined what a Halo magnum should be. Reach’s was great too, but not the same level as CE’s. 4’s is great as well. It’s got a great feel to it. I think it was 343’s best-made weapon.

It’s certainly well-balanced.
But it’s sounds suppressed.

I completely agree. I love using the magnum when a carbine isn’t around. Assuming you can connect all those shots, it’s a deadly weapon.

Love it. It was actually the first weapon I mastered. On a side note, it has this weird thing where if a teammate shoots an opponent, the magnum takes 1, or 2 less shots to kill.

maguns are my 2nd fav. BR is my fav.

Never really used it but I will have to start soon after I master the BR.

Carbine and magnum: My 2 faves. BR is a close 3rd.

I completely agree OP. My favorite however is a toss up between AR and DMR, but I LOVE the Magnum in this game. It is perfect.

My favorite is both the DMR and the magnum. I always use that in my loadout, because if I need a long ranged weapon I switch to DMR, if I need a short ranged weapon, then I use my magnum! Best strategy ever.