My mind just blew up. Arbiter...A BOSS

I know it’s too early to know this. And I’m sure I’m really wrong. However if Elites are bad again, and if Humans really did deserve it.

What if Arbiter and Half Jaw end up being a boss or some sort. It would be a tragic and epic protagonist in Halo 4. Imagine it, Arbiter who had been your Ally in Halo 3, helped you out. Then him hating humanity again and even Chief after some crap. It would really change it from just being a simple “Hate the Aliens”

If Halo 4 can be more in depth then that, I’d love it. Like if they made ONI or some of the Humans seem like the real bad guys would be interesting.

Plus I’d be deeply saddened if I was forced to fight and even kill the Arbiter. Only to find out some other Spartans or Humans ended up doing something to The Elites to turn him against us. I’d find that one epic plot twist and I’d shed a tear

What do you think?


No alien race is as simple minded as that. This will never happen.

When I was playing through Halo 2 way back when, I was thinking that the Arbiter would be the final boss of Halo 3 when it eventually came out, like he was going to try to finally get his revenge on The Demon. I thought that would be an amazing way to end the trilogy. I mean, I like the path they chose, but I still would have preferred what I was imagining. But I can’t imagine Arby turning on Chief, even if other Elites are.

And by the way, Half-Jaw’s name is Rtas 'Vadum. Just for the record.

the elited may not have much of a presence in halo 4 but that doesn’t mean they wont be back in h 5 or 6.

I think H4 is opening up a new series for the halo universe and right now were tied to Cortana and chief and this new planetish thing were on.

If you look at the concept art they have it show banshees flying around with humans in the picture. this may allude that the human/elite alliance may still be active but possibly some of the covenant still remain and may return in future haloz as enemies or allies.

I wouldn’t rule out the arbiter not returning just not in H4. I bet the Arbiter rescues the chief. Realistically all the guns and vehicles can come from the ship chief is on (with the exception of the alien weapons he will use) would eventually run out. If there is enough amo and vehicles on that ship for 3 more haloz then so be it.

I use my Jedi senses and forsee the return on the UNSC and Covenant in the next 2 haloz

After what Arby went through, not gonna happen. As for Rtas, he’s a close friend of Arby and he already acknowledged John 117 by calling him Spartan.


If Arby and Rtas were enemies then i would never complete the game as i wouldnt want to kill them.

GUYS. Have you ever considered the fact that there are SEPARATIST elites (good guys) and LOYALIST elites (bad ones)? Just because you see 2 loyalist elites (one of them we can’t even confirm because he wasn’t pictured with Chief) doesn’t mean the whole species is against them. Maybe some grunts and hunters will be on our side again too? Look at things more open-minded.

Please no.

I really don’t think it would ever happen, let alone in Halo 4. It would suck either way though I imagine, I really like the Arbiter and the Chief being a somewhat respectful duo.

Not gonna happen. Arbiter is loyal. This idea is just half-baked and random.

I think I’d actually throw my Halo 4 disk across the room if that happened.

The elites are several factions right now. The Arbiter is maintaining the truce between the Elites and the Humans; however, there is at least 1 faction of Elites that hates the Arbiter for being friendly to the humans and want to kill him (and the humans). Also the people who attack Chief at the beginning may be pirates, as mentioned in another thread.

So no, the Arbiter won’t be a boss.