MY message to 343 industries

To 343,

As a fan who’s has been playing every game religiously since I was 5 in 2001, I just want to say to 343 that despite the negative feedback you guys have received over Halo Infinite over the past few months that there are fans who will ride and die with the series and I am overly joyed and still have fun on Infinite every chance I get.
I love the gameplay including the increased FOV options, frame rate and ability to really adjust your settings to your play style to fit the modern day FPS play styles and speeds for more competitive players.
I will unfortunately miss season two as I’m going on my second military deployment on May 5th but there’s no doubt in my mind that the first thing I do when I get back stateside is jumping online to enjoy some more great games with friends.
Keep doing your best and just know that you guys are appreciated even for the little things. In the words of the Arbiter “ We’re it so easy.”.


Petty Officer 1st Class- Frost


Well said.

Good luck, Spartan. And thank you for your service.

Wha…don’t go. You’ll end up dead.