My Matchmaking wins are no longer going up?

Okay so apparently I’ve stopped gaining wins on MCC? Everything is going up yet my wins are stuck… :confused: If anyone else is experiencing this bug, please let me know!

Are you referring to what is being tracked by challenges? If so, then keep in mind that Halo CE challenges don’t count. They were originally intended to count, but weren’t counting because of some bug. In the meantime, they removed Halo CE from the challenge description for all of the broken challenges. Also, some players have been reporting that free-for-all matches haven’t been counting either.

Just regular social matchmaking games ain’t counting whatsoever. I’ve played 30 so far and won them all but haven’t counted as wins.

I am also experiencing this bug on Xbox One MCC - none of my stats going up. Stuck at 30 games played.

How long how it been like that for?

I’m experiencing the same problem. Kills, death assist all counting. Wins stuck at 10,566. It’s been like this at least a week or two.

Same here, wins are no longer counting towards the multiplayer wins achievements. They’re not being counted at all.

Same with me. No stats really going up for achievements. Has been this for nearly two weeks. Hopefully 343 get on to this soon. Nothing kills a game more.
Not sure if this problem is effecting campaign achievements.

I’m having the exact same issue as of two days ago. I noticed it after I tried out xcloud beta, which is better then expected. Not sure if related, but thats the only change I’ve had.

Yea whole MCC is not updating or tracking stats.
This is not Only Multiplayer… But also campaign.
Speedrun times, Scores, Achievements, Online Stats - Nothing is recorded. So everything anyone plays is not tracked anywhere.
Look on other forum posts… this has been going on for almost 4 days now.

I’ve tried to do achievements in campaign. no unlocks. I’ve tried to do better speedruns for 2 whole days, and no updates on my runs.
They are aware of this issue and it is looked into. but this takes time.

Same thing here. Multiplayer wins have been stuck at 272 for me for at least a week. Other items are counting such as assists and headshots but multiplayer wins not so much. This also includes custom games. Like a lot of you I enjoy knocking out the achievements so hopefully all of the wins I have accumulated over the past week will be retroactively applied. But I’m guessing that likely won’t be the case.

It’s like nobody reads the other posts in here… Nothing is recorded right now… Achievements and Stat updates are disabled for some reason -.-

Make sure and file a bug report about this on the Halo Support site, if you haven’t already:

That’s the best way to have these issues made known to 343

Hey folks, just to update that this is a known issue that 343 are aware of. You can follow the thread below for updates, but there’s no ETA on a fix right now: