My Map Pack Review --What do you think?

First off, let me just say, this might be the best Halo map pack ever. Halo 2 had a couple good ones, and IMO Reach’s last one was great.

Lets get to it,


Just pure win. Small map that reminds me slightly of Lockout, but with equal bases. Quick action, alot of vertical battles can ensue, and playing radarless on this map causes for alot of surprises. You get extremely quick action, reminiscent of MLG maps. You spawn and are 5 seconds from battle. CTF is awesome, because they could have it 5feet from the score and still not get it. Slayer is great, and KOTH is just madness. This is my favorite map of the 3 with landfall being a close second. This map really makes your loadouts mean something, by catering to multiple styles. You can rifle from up top with promision or creep with active or quickly jetpack from stage to stage.


Defiantly the sole of The Pit from H3. Slightly bigger, but plays smaller if that makes sense. You can creep around the outside the map, or make a quick run through the middle to the action. Also reminds me of a small Longshore from H3, but again like Skyline and Lockout, it has equal bases. The map just has a great feel of being very close, but far from opponents at the same time. Unlike the pit, there is no real sniper perch or places that are tough jumps to get into to. Which for me was always a problem in The Pit. IF they had the towers under control, you were spawning in the same places and getting palmed. This has multiple choke points, so you are never just stuck in one spot. Great map, excited to play some bigteam on this one.


Cool map, reminds me of Foundation, or Warlock on a larger scale. You have 2 main bases and 2 side bases. With the man cannons being on the mains to jump the map quickly. Also reminds me alot of Snowbound with now basement. Alot if the battle is going to be in the middle by rocks and at the main 2 bases. It is filling a void that H4 did not have, but feels like was needed on launch day. If a map was released like this with the game, it would probably be one of my favs, but compared to the other 2, it is kinda meh.


I would rate this map pack a 4.5/5 making it a must have for any H4 player.

This map pack breathes much needed fresh air to H4. It is a instant download. So just go get it.

or not

Skyline kind of reminds me of sword base