My Map Has Glitched. Need Help!

Ok, so i have been remaking lockout on erosion and have put a decent amount of hours into it. Tried loading it up today to continue editing it and when i clicked on “lockout” it loaded up Halo Stadium, another map i’ve been making. I tried it several times and it still isnt working. I even loaded it onto a usb and put it back on my xbox and it still wont pull up. Its like the game glitched and overrided the save on lockout but kept the name. It still says lockout but loads halo stadium. I even deleted my halo stadium and it still isnt working. I downloaded a video of the last time i edited lockout and then put it on my fileshare. Is there any way to pull the map off the video so i don’t lose everything? I’ve about 6 hours into this map and im going to be extremely pissed if it completely gone.