My Map: Barren

So I made this map a long time ago, and been trying to perfect it here and there. I finally entered it into the Objective Map Contest that they had last month.

It’s a Mid-sized map, best for 8-12 players.

Currently it works for pretty much all gametypes, except for Race and Invasion.

Link to Download

Link to Screenshot

Let me know what you think!

Dude looks koo, im not very good with maps im triyign to make a large castle map mainly for invasion and infection 16 players but i dont know how to make a castle buildidg(where king is) and i dont know how to make medieval buildings :frowning:

Not too shabby :wink:

What concerns me on a map like this is those narrow, one way bridges. Once you start taking that path, you would be stuck there in a sense you would have no where to go if a jetpacker came after you. I feel like there should be another exit or acess point right in the middle of where the bridges connect to the land mass in the middle to allow from more ways to move around that area.

That looks awesome! :slight_smile: