My main problem with Infinite

So other than this one problem, I love the game so far. However my one main problem is that you can’t choose what mode you play. Because it’s starting to get a little annoying to play five games of Oddball in a row, then go to CTF for three or four rounds, then back to Oddball, and repeat. I want to play more Slayer, because it’s my favorite mode. I like the others, but I don’t want to only play those.


People quit games because they aren’t getting the modes they need to complete their challenges, we urgently need playlists, it’s pretty weird how we have to ask for a Slayer playlist at this point.

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It’s a really bad problem and most likely so easy to fix. If its sole reason for being this way is to make progressing in the “battle pass” harder, that’s just further evidence of how going free-to-play is bad for players.

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