My machinima

Hey guys, I’ve created my first machinima ever in Halo, (watch it here: and I’m interested what do you think? Is it all right? Should I change something? Any tips for future machinimas? Thx for helping me!:slight_smile:

It was funny lol

I know I’m not one to give tips, but I guess I have some “certification” since I had a Halo Waypoint highlighted video.

It was definitely funny, voice was perfect, and the color setting (aka black and white) was done perfectly and well balanced.

I’d just work on the camera a bit, don’t make it wobble too much. And let the spartan have motion when talking, not saying to bob the head up and down, but just keep rolling the camera while the spartan is standing still. It looked like just a picture shot of him instead of real life.

But overall this was a very well done machinima for being your first, and I hope to see more great things from your channel in the future.

-Liked and subbed to you

Perhaps you could of read out the introduction in a real deep dramatic voice.

Try and keep the camera smoother, it was very jumpy at parts

lol! he blarged him on the moon!