My lengthy opinion on Reach-H4 MM system

Sup all.

This isn’t a troll thread. These are my thoughts and observations regarding the status and current direction of Halo 4.

I love Halo 3 and when Reach came out, just because it was so different, and I thought pre TU Reach was just in general a terribly designed game I didn’t even give it a shot.

Now with Halo 3 dead I have started getting into Reach, and for some of it I have to give Bungie and 343 props. But the biggest downfall for it, and my biggest fear for Halo 4 is the matchmaking system.

First of all, some of us okay games for even competition, to be the best we can and consistently improve our skill and gameplay. That is MY idea of fun and many others in the Halo community. The easiest way to get this is by having a visable ranking system in half the playlists, as Halo 3 did and also implement a Reach cR/EXP based progression system if you wish for ALL the playlists.

Now I know what you’re all thinking, boosters, de tankers, team killing ect. But, who cares? That’s why there should be two sets of playlists. It is quite as easy as, go play the other non ranked playlists. Instead of just completely pushing away a proportion of the community without having a ranking system. Reach only has one ranked playlist anyway, so everyone that plays Reach is already used to the social/casual playlists anyway.

But, me personally. I am sick to death of it. I play MLG, but the population is dead because most of the competitive community gave up after Bungie did nothing to fix Reach. So to get a game I proceed to TS, Snipers, SWAT, Doubles and I get annoyed every game. I come up against high ranked players, forerunners ect that my mate and I beat by 20 kills each game. It’s boring and with no reason for players to not quit it ends up being 4v1 because the whole opposition team quit. It’s bullcrap. It needs to be fixed. You need a rank to stop people from quitting or at least a penalty on your EXP/cR for quitting.

Sorry for the rant!

Please post your thoughts and opinions!