My last two days experience in multiplayer 😳

I don’t know how to describe my last two days of multiplayer :flushed:
First I want to explain- I trying to complete the weekly challenges.Here how everything is going for now:

  1. I needed to play bunch of fiesta- almost unplayable- 85 to 285 ms lag

  2. Few games in tactical slayer- two games was against players with aimbot ( I’m completely sure- watching the match history from their perspective) in first match the dude made 39 kills, in the second the other hacker made 38 kills

  3. I needed 7500 score on team battle- countless time to find match,only to drop me out…. after many attempts I managed to complete the task,but with 147 - 180ms lag and in one of the game we are 2 players in my team against 6 on them ( loot’s a fun in that huge map-Fragmentation)

  4. I finally managed to receive the last task - weekly ultimate : Earn Double Kills in PvP
    It’s seem easy- here the ting’s becomes nasty :nauseated_face:

Team Slayer :3 doubles ( I have the medals) - not count

Quick play :3 doubles- not count

Fiesta :3 doubles- not count

Tactical slayer :3 doubles-not count

Just the game don’t want to count,no matter where,what and how I play and the weekly reward is unlockable. I have every reward unlocked from the very first day, but not in that week.
I’m big fan of the Halo, I have played each game from the Combat Evolved to present Infinite.I have hundreds of hours in each multiplayer map and mode……

Now,now I’m disappointed ,really confused and really ,really disappointed :frowning:

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