My last "How Exited for Halo 4" thread.

For the last few weeks/months I’ve put up “How exited are you for Halo 4”. Though I can find such threads at the moment. I can say overall 75% of people are very exited, While a smaller are Ok, and a fraction have a negative opinion on Halo 4.

So with Halo 4 too close for comfort I bring you the last one of these. So Halo 4 is set, few weeks remain, How exited.

I am EXTREMELY excited! I have been waiting to see how Chief’s story will continue since 2007. I hope 343 doesn’t disappoint with all of the hard work they’ve done.

i want the game now! but i dont do drugs. and niether should anyone else.

Im extremely excited for the game overall, but very disapointed in the MM aspect.