My last Halo 3 achievement

Hey guys, since there is no Halo 3 forum outside of the MCC I’ll have to post it in here.

So I have one final achievement to get in Halo 3 and it’s been bugging me since the hype around MCC for pc.

All I need is the ‘Pull’ achievement which is to get a shotgun spree on citadel, but I’m struggling to find a game on citadel to begin with. Is there any way I could get help for this? I definitely have the DLC downloaded required but most games I find are on High Ground or Last Resort. And sadly, the only playlist with a decent search time is social slayer so I can’t even use the playlists that require all DLC.

Would love some help just to get this last achievement, thanks!

Gamertag is: Funky Jonesy

Hey there! Still trying to grab this achievement?

You can check out to set up a session to get other people to help out with achievements on every game (as far as I know for Xbox). There are currently plenty of Halo 3 sessions with people needing to complete the achievements.