My Issues So Far

After a few solid hours of playing the beta I’ve come up with a list of issues I personally see with Halo thus far.

  • Spawns: The spawns seem to be completely random. I consistently have people spawning behind me often times within feet.
  • Pistol: Ah the Halo 3 weak pistol meta has returned. The pistol is basically unusable. Even hitting headshots at close range this weapon has very little damage. I miss the Halo 5 pistol.
  • Power weapons: Power weapons spawn way too quickly. There so far seems to always be a power weapon being used through out the entire match. And of course going against a power weapon with a AR/Pistol you will automatically loose unless you get the jump via broken spawns.
  • Melee Stick Sensitivity: This sensitivity seems to be extremely high. I find myself consistetly melee while just moving my stick to move around. Very annoying. I don’t see any option to change this sensitivity.
  • Motion tracker: The motion tracker or radar on your hud sometimes doesn’t work at all. It’s range is also so short that it’s basically useless and is featured on the hud for nostalgic purposes.
  • Movement: While the games movement is a great mix between Halo 3 and Halo 5 unfortunately it’s impossible to get away from enemies ./ One you get shot once you’re dead. No ability to get away. And with massive weapon unbalances this creates a huge problem.
  • Weapons: Unfortunately weapons just don’t have any sort of balance to them. The AR feels good but the pistol is absolutely useless. It’s just to weak/doesn’t have enough ammo. The BR is interesting. I can’t tell if the rate of fire is to low or if it’s just weak. The commando is the best weapon overall. It’s the only one that feels how it should.

Overall I am enjoying the game. But I’ll be honest. The game feels very far from being finished. I suspect this game will be better six month’s after launch. It’ll struggle day one. These are just a few issues I personally have that I feel take away from the experience. I’ll continue to update as I play/find more.

What do you guys think of the beta so far? And what issues are you seeing?