My Issues: Matchmaking Edition

First and foremost, the biggest problem globally is bullet magnetism and aim assist. Most of the weapons are no skill required, and I will be making a video on this shortly, but if you want an extreme demonstration, go in a custom forge game, go in the side of a warthog with a sniper, have a friend there and shoot over his head a few feet and see the magic headshots.

I am making this short and sweet for easy reading now.

  • Loadouts allowing us to pick our spawning grenades. It ruins BTB vehicle play, especially in conjunction with the Plasma Pistol, and it muddies up 4v4 play. I say this because I’m very VERY proficient at getting sticks now, and have gotten 20+ kills and my tool of destruction being stickies with only 8 or so deaths.

  • Scattershot and Boltshot. These weapons are subjective to lag and host benefits, there is no reasonable gray area on how effective these weapons are, they kill from random distances, some can be extreme distances, and the Scattershot often requires 2-3 shots to kill a single person.

And spawning with a highly effective shotgun for a side arm is a no-no for me. I’m sorry but it’s OP. Yes everyone can have it so it’s “balanced” in that sense but just because everyone can have it doesn’t mean it should be in the game in it’s current state.

  • Instant respawns do a number for me, it leads to sloppy gameplay. And it just isn’t Halo. And by that I mean Halo’s always set a standard of quality, and a respawn timer allowed players to think of a strategy, but that’s not required anymore with a run and gun approach.

  • This is one of the biggest issues of them all; <mark>lag</mark>. It’s ruined more BTB matches then I’d care to admit.

  • This is my personal grievance. The Warthog; it’s tusks have been ground down, teeth broken and is a shadow of it’s former self now. The gun on it isn’t even as effective as the SAW, far less accurate, and the turret more benefits the enemy team, because as soon as I hear it, I try and anticipate where it will be and get an easy double kill.

It’s not worth getting in that death trap unless it’s either a Gauss or on Ragnarok and you are about to do a flag run. Because you probably have a life expectancy of 1-2 mins with either a net zero K/D or more likely - K/D when using it.