My issue with CTF

I really hate how when I’m trying to pickup a flag and I can’t take the time to check what is highlighted because I’m getting shot at so I pickup a nearby gun instead. When I’m next to the flag, I want the flag.

Please change the priority for pickup so the flag is always on top. I can’t count the amount of times the flag got returned because of this. It’s a masive pain.


something like that had happened to me as well, with the grapple shot, try to attach to an enemy but drag the flag instead, twice.

This is because ‘X’ is used for a lot of different things like: Reload, Pick up weapon, Pick up objective, hack door, pick up/switch grenades, pick up/switch equipment, get in and out of vehicle.

Sometimes when there is a pile of stuff on the ground it can be difficult to grab the correct thing.

I would like a option to turn on auto-pickup of objectives. Ive had this problem alot