My Internet = Mods?

So ive discovered that may connection causes new problems with halo 5. My packet loss is 50% all the time, as well as my brothers on his XB. We are both able to shoot double shots with the Ar, Smg, SAW, and carbine (making it a 4 shot perfect). The worst part about this is that the first frags that you spawn with get throw simultaneously, so if i die, i get to throw an insta-kill-ball-o-death at whoever i please. Its fun for me but compleatly unbalanced. Someone help get 343s attention!

I’m assuming you’re both playing on your consoles on the exact same network? I heard that may cause problems with internet quality.

Yes you are correct. Ive had problems with h5 and routers before, but ive never been able to cheat with them until now.

I’ve also heard about problems with 2 consoles on the same router. I’d google it see what you come up with. I’m surprised you guys aren’t having more chaos being your packet loss is so high. I’ve had 1 - 3 percent before and online play starts going bananas… lol.

What port are you using? There is an option to change the port on network settings. It should be different for each console.

Its normally 3074 but even after i got it to change the packet loss remained.

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343 sucks they won’t fix -Yoink-, good luck trying to get them to fix this

Router brand and model? NAT Open? port # on both?