My internet? (HELP)

I play Halo 3 everyday competitively. As you know, getting lagged out of a match is very frustrating! I have AT&T internet and it seems to have worked fine over the past two years. But in the past week it has kicked me out of probably 100 games. I can’t even hardly play anymore and I dont understand why it’s doing this! Please help!

Contact your ISP, see if they are having issues.

Always check that your Internet Service Provider isn’t having any issues locally.
This could be possibly the main cause of this.


are you being kicked out of games where it just shows you as the only player to quit? Especially in matches where you are clearly winning? Someone could be host booting you from matches. It’s happened to me plenty of times in Team Slayer. It could be just unstable internet for you or something worse =(

I don’t think you’re being host booted from so many games.