My Insider information vanished?

I wanted to check to see if I have a code yet for the new Infinite flight so I went to my Insider page, and all my information has vanished.

It says I have not given an email address, answered any questions on which Halos I’ve played, nor am I opted into anything - but this was not the case. I signed up to be an Insider when they announced MCC PC would be getting flights, and have been in every one of those since the CE flight in Feb 2020. I have never once had to reinput all of my information, only once did I update my dxdiag to reflect new hardware. I saw the reminders in the past couple of weeks to double check you’re signed up before the 13th to get into this Infinite flight but I recall no mention of having to re-sign up if you were prior, so I never bothered to check because I was confident everything was in order.

I should have double checked, but it’s still a real bummer if I can’t play this week.