My Impressions after day 4 of playing. I joined a day late

Just gonna list the good the bad and my thoughts. Read or Comment as you will.

As far as prior experience with Halo goes. I started playing when the MCC came to PC and play with a Mouse and Keyboard. So relatively new but, this isn’t my first Halo. I’ve not had the opportunity to play Halo 5. This is all my opinion etc.

The Good

My two favorite things about Halo in general are the excellent CQC combat, which no other FPS I’ve played tops, and driving the Warthog. My experience so far with both these things has been great. The Warthog strikes a great balance between the unstable tendency to flip and the responsiveness of the controls. CQC in Halo multiplayer has usually felt much worse in the multiplayer than it does in the campaign. If this pattern keeps up with Infinite then that can only mean great things for the campaign, as the CQC in Infinite’s multiplayer tops some of the previous campaigns, and not just Halo 4.

I find most of the weapons new and old incredibly fun to use, the others I haven’t figured out yet. I find the Chopper much easier to drive and splatter with compared to Halo 3 although it does tend to tip over far more often and the boost is ridiculous. I’ve launched myself off of Behemoth the long way from the middle of the map on at least one occasion. I’ve been in a Wasp once, and the match ended ten seconds later. I’ve flown the Banshee in this game once and don’t know how to use it yet.

The Superintendent is an Equip-able AI. That is all

The Bad

The Weekly challenges are poorly chosen. Many of them require Huge amounts of luck to even get the opportunity to complete. For example any Challenge that requires a tank. Wraiths and Scorpions are some of the rarest spawns in the game and any time one of them spawns you will have to deal with 23 other players who will want to drive said tank. If your challenge is to destroy said tank, your out of luck if your teammate gets it first, and if you need to kill with the tank the same issue arises except now you must deal with a hostile enemy player in a scorpion while competing with your team to be the one to destroy it. Some of these challenges would make more sense with the old BTB modes where Scorpions and Wraiths spawned at the beginning of the match, but with the current BTB the only purpose these challenges serve is to force challenge swaps to be spent.

I’ve seen a Scorpion once and I’ve seen a Wraith twice. I haven’t seen either for two days now.

A different problem occurs with the weapon specific challenges. A player attempting to finish a weapon specific challenge will tend to be dead weight to their team for much of the match, as they scrounge the map looking for where that weapon spawns early game. Mid to late game such a player will only be half effective as anytime they spawn rather than hooking up with teammates or playing the objective they will be running to the one place in the map where the Mangler or the Bulldog or whatever weapon spawns. This is also assuming the specific weapon will indeed spawn on the map being played. This is not a guaranteed event, as maps tend to change weapon spawns depending on game mode and round number.

Speaking as a self designated Wheel-man Controller users need a bit of a buff as far as the Warthogs gun goes. It’s rather easy to tell when my gunner is using a controller, The rather slow turning rate and poor targeting tend to give it away. What would usually be an easy kill for me or anyone else with mouse and keyboard will often require me to park myself while the gunner lines up the shot.

Cores are nice, Coatings are severely limited. Rather than choosing the colors I want to sport on my armor I am entirely dependent on the Developers to create the color palette I want and even if they create my preferred palette It may not even be applicable to my preferred core. It’s not really the shining portrait of Player expression that some of the advertising promised.

Extra Notes and Suggestions.

As far as BTB goes I find it rather fun but it is also rather limited. A suite of “Power” game modes should be added to BTB along side the current game modes. For example “Power Slayer” would start the match with Tanks, flying vehicles, Gungoose, Ghosts, Choppers and other such vehicles spawning the same way Warthogs an Mongoose do without the pelican drops. Allow the average player a chance to see Scorpions and Wraiths more than once a week. The problems with interactions between Challenges and BTB aside I prefer the newer BTB, It’s far more Warthog friendly, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to drive a Scorpion or fly a Wasp more than once in a blue moon.

Any Challenge the requires a specific Vehicle to be destroyed or used to kill players should be generalized. Rather than “Use a Scorpion to kill 3 players” change the challenge to “Kill 3 Players while driving a vehicle”. That way the challenges aren’t rendered impossible by RNG and players can get some challenges done by doing splatters or using a vehicles driver controlled weapons.

Edit: I realize I just suggested Big Team Heavies, and yes that needs to be added in.