My ideas to fix Halo 4, in depth.

Halo 4 has been out for a little more than a week now and with every new game comes the early problems. I’ve seen so many posts on here with people talking about things being overpowered, not balanced, ect. However no one ever tries to give 343i ideas on how to really fix these things. Remember these are strictly my opinions but I believe alot of you may agree. So let’s get started…

DMR vs. BR
Everyone including myself have been upset about the DMR being overused. Some say it’s overpowered and I actually agree but instead of crying about it I’ve decided to voice my idea on how to balance these 2 primary UNSC utility weapons. I will not be talking about the light rifle, carbine, etc. These weapons are pretty much a novelty in the Halo universe and are fun to use if you feel like changing it up. The DMR needs to have bloom exactly like it did at the launch of Halo Reach. But that makes the BR overpowered! Just hear me out, okay? The DMR is supposed to only excel at long-range and the BR at mid-range. If the DMR has bloom then the user has to pace his shots at long-range and I won’t be so scared to run out of my spawn on the bigger open maps. With the addition of flinch when shot combined with the BR’s natural vertical recoil the BR is still at a disadvantage at long-range like it’s supposed to be. The real change that bloom on the DMR will bring is in the mid-range game. It levels the playing field with the BR. Let’s be honest the strafing battles with a 5 shot BR and a crouch strafing bloom DMR user would be amazing. Of course the bloom will make the DMR harder to use mid-range but that’s the point. The DMR is a long-range weapon, not a mid-range. If I get beat by a DMR at mid-range with bloom added I wouldn’t feel like I was cheated because he spammed the trigger faster. I know in my mind that he had to wait for the bloom to reset to hit that last headshot. Also a side note here: Make a sniper unzoom when they’re getting hit with gunfire. I’m interested to see what you guys have to say about this potential idea. I want DMR and BR users down below voicing their opinions.

343i stated that Halo Reach had way to many playlists but Halo 4 is the exact same way. They are thinning out the population of the playlists by separating game types. We should not have a separate playlist for each of these game types: CTF, Oddball, KOTH, and Dominion. CTF, Oddball, and KOTH should be compiled into a Team Objective playlist like they always have been. It compresses the population of objective players into one and makes for more interesting games. Dominion should be added into BTB. CTF and Assault(seriously no Assault?) should also be in BTB. BTB should not be an Infinity Slayer variant, it should be your normal slayer and here’s why. When you have 16 players all going for ordinance at the same time then you have a cluster Yoink! of power weapons that makes the once feared Warthog and Banshee about as fearful as a box of new-born kittens. Standard 4v4 Infinity Slayer is perfectly fine, 8 players only which means the number of power weapons from ordinance is controlled. Regicide is an awesome take on FFA and I’ve actually enjoyed it quite a bit but I do miss those intense FFA Oddball and KOTH games. Flood is fantastic game type but it’s not for me. SWAT is my favorite playlist ever so I have to say keep it! Next week Team Snipers rolls out, hooray! Possible playlist additions: Team Doubles, Multi-Team, Extraction(BTB), and Grifball. Let me know down below what you think.

Well that about does it. I’ve carefully thought all of this out and the only way 343i could possibly see it is if I post it right here on the forums. Seriously 343i if you keep improving your game it will go down as a great start. But if you ignore your fans opinions then your going to lose alot of your fan base. I have faith in you as a development studio and your games Halo 4, 5, and 6. Let your opinions be heard folks, the developers can’t do anything if you don’t speak up! Have a great day and shoot me a friend request to play some Halo 4, gamertag is the same as my username :slight_smile: