My ideas for things in Halo 5

Dear 343I only 2 or 3 things would make me really want to play Halo 5 1) The flood, sure the grave mind may have died but who’s to say the the higher ups in UNSC didn’t keep a few bodies for study… >,> 2) Dual wielding, honestly this was my favorite part of halo 2 and 3’s combat system also bringing back the plasma rifle and SMG as secondaries and adding an ability that would let you spawn dual wielding instead of having a primary. 3) The Specter and Hornet or Falcon because Ghost=Mongoose, Wraith=Scorpion Phantom=Pelican but Warthog= ? and Bbanshee= ? and also because it would be a cool idea Mantis= ?

Hate or love me for my ideas and opinions I don’t care much.