My ideas for multiplayer.

So I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority but here is what I’d like halo multiplayer to be.

I’m tired of trying to relive the glory days of tradition. I feel it holds back 343. Instead I would like all future numbers halo games to have more radical design choices. I would like spin offs and anniversary edition to have classic multiplayer. Trying to meet both players every game is ridiculous. Make halo 2 anniversary and if possible, support it with new maps until they make a halo 3 anniversary. New numbered Halo’s should be different. Not call of duty different but Titan fall different. Let the flaming begin.

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Go play Titan Fall then, noob.

I agree with how the next Halo shouldn’t be a hybrid between Halo and… modern fps shooters. It’s either Halo or something entirely different.

However, I don’t think they should split the game into two versions where each version caters to a certain group. Ask yourself these questions; would both be full releases, each taking 4+ years to develop? What about the campaign, which multiplayer version would come with the campaign? How are they going to include big team battle for the competitive game, a gamemode that has always been viewed as casual? If we just deleted BTB, Halo’s vehicles that are iconic to the franchise would disappear as well. It would all be too chaotic in my opinion. And I don’t think game developers for console games are able to be that versatile. Certainly with Microsoft watching their every move.

Instead, I think 343i has to restore Halo to its former glory by changing it back to the typical strategical arena shooter that it used to be. If Halo 2 was released today, it would still be a pretty darn unique game out there, i don’t know any game like it. 343i has to take advantage of that. Once they have restored that formula, they can start to innovate in simple but fun ways. Add elements that are fun without taking away from the competitive play.

If they do this, they cater to the Halo fanbase that has already been established. The newer players will be “dropped” in this way, but I am convinced that they will like this new classic Halo if they liked Halo 4 as well. Besides, who says this new Halo will not attract brand new players if they showcase the competitive multiplayer? Gameplay is meant to be fun, it is not meant to attract new players to the franchise.

The problem with this ExAnubisLeader is that users haven’t been particularly satisfied with the past two “innovative” Halos we had.

Each Halo game shouldn’t be different for the sake of being different. Fixing what isn’t broken is bound to cause problems.