My ideas for Halo 4 infection(if they have it)

so we know Halo 4 is coming out and 343 is making it,here are my ideas for infection:

instead of spartans,how about Flood?for example,rounds like round 1 survivors are trying to escape but they have to survive until a door opens.Flood forms are Brute,Spartans,and Elites.and yes weapons but their main weapons like plasma rifles.if survivors survive long enough they get access to an armory with assualt rifles,BR"S,and a grenade launcher.Humans start with shotguns.for Flood,the carrier forms(maybe with jackal shields since Bungie removed that from Halo 2),Infection forms,and the original forms get small shields.then for round 3,humans get a fort with everything they need to survive and a rocket hog.Flood gets the forms that change,and the 3 original forms get maximum shields,more powerful weapons and vehicles,machine gun Hogs.then eventaully a Pelican comes to rescue any survivors(GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!)and they escape.

If its alpha zombies you spawn as flood juggernauats.but weaken them to take a 12 shotgun shells to kill them,and 2 hits to kill a human.and no super jumping but they have high jumps.but only 2 people spawn as a juggernaut and if they die a random flood player spawns as one.

this might make infection funner 343.this would help with Halo 4.

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