My Idea's For Assassinations

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I just Randomly Came up with the names.

Counting Down from 10 to One on 10 Idea’s for Assassinations For Halo 5: Guardians.

10: Murphy, Where Are- Oh Your Dead.
Spartan A (Assassinator) Takes Knife Out of Armor And Stabs Spartan B ( Assassination Victim) On the left side of his neck.

9: Lend me a Rifle.
Spartan A Goes Infront of Spartan B and Spartan A Grab’s Spartan B’s Battle Rifle. Spartan A then Kicks Spartan B Down to the Floor And Spartan A Take’s One Hand On The Battle Rifle And shoots Spartan B in the head.

8: Punch Punch Orange.
Spartan A Runs towards Spartan B. Spartan A Punch’s Spartan B In the Face while Running Behind him. Spartan B stays On the the Floor While Spartan A Does a Backflip onto Spartan B. Then Slowly Stabbing Spartan B In the Face.

7: Rejected.
Spartan B Runs Towards Spartan A. Spartan A takes Hand of knife and Throws it into Spartan B’s Face

6: Knifer Whale
Spartan A Goes behind Spartan B And stabs Spartan B with an Energy sword.

5: Kill Yourself.
Spartan A Breaks Spartan B’s Arm. Spartan A Forces Spartan B to Punch himself to Death with his other Arm.

4: Easter Bunny.
Spartan A Stabs Spartan B To death by simply stabbing Spartan B in the Mouth. Spartan A Then does Bunny ears (Peace Sign.) On Spartan B’s Head on his dead body.

3: It’s like Glue, It’s just Explosive.
Spartan A Sticks a Grenade to Spartan B’s Leg. Spartan B Explodes And Dies.

2: Stabber Mc Stab Mc Stabberson.
Spartan A Punches Spartan B To near Death. Spartan A Then stabs Spartan B In the Visor.

  1. Is my blanket in there?
    Spartan A Pushes Spartan B to the ground. Spartan A Pulls out a Magnum and shoots Spartan B in the head 7 times.

This is mine: Shove a Splinter Grenade up their helmet, kick them away and see their head explode in orange confetti.

> 2533274919101675;2:
> This is mine: Shove a Splinter Grenade up their helmet, kick them away and see their head explode in orange confetti.

That sounds brutal.

Here’s some terrible ideas:

Want To See A Magic Trick
A quickly grabs B’s knife from behind, then low-kicks B’s legs out from under him. B falls face first on his own knife that A is holding level with the ground.

In One Ear…
A grabs B’s shoulder and spins him around, taking his knife, as well as B’s, then ramming both blades through the side of B’s helmet. A then snaps his blade out of B’s head just before B falls to his knees.

Armour Lock
B spins around to face A, but A grabs B’s helmet with a wide hand grip and mimics the armour lock animation. B’s helmet is heard crunching under the impact of the landing.

A taps on B’s shoulder, B spins around to face A and is met with two quick left jabs, followed by a mighty​ right hook, knocking B cleanly to the ground. B’s visor is heard cracking loudly with the impact of the final hit.

A grabs B’s shoulder and spins him around, taking his knife, A slashes B’s throat in one lightning-quick motion. B clutches at his throat as he stumbles forward and collapses. A returns to form, snapping his knife back into it’s sheath in style.

Back Off
A draws his knife and rams it into the soft undersuit of B’s back. B stumbles forward and only just manages to turn to face A from a hunched position. A throws a mighty kick at B’s helmet that knocks B spinning to the ground.

Murder Stroke
A draws his knife and B spins around knife-in-hand to meet him. B throws a quick stab, but his attack glances off A’s armour as A leans away from the angle of the strike. A flips his knife around, grabbing it by the blade, then rams the hilt pommel-first into the side of B’s helmet. B lurches forward, then falls face-first on the ground.

A grabs B’s right wrist from behind and spins clockwise, firing his thrusters to gain enough momentum to pull B into the air by his extended arm. A completes two full rotations before releasing B’s wrist, sending B flying through the air like a ragdoll.

A kicks B square in the back, sending B stumbling a few steps forward. B spins around to face A, just as A draws and throws his knife right at B’s head. A’s knife embeds itself in B’s visor, sending B’s head back in a snap. B falls to his knees as A walks over and plucks the blade from B’s head.


Face Me
A grabs B’s helmet and wrenches it 180° clockwise, breaking B’s neck in an instant. B twitches visibly, taking a half-step with his right leg as his partially severed spinal column confuses his brain’s signals. A grabs B’s head with both hands then leans back and headbutts B right in the face, sending B flying back onto the ground.

Eat Dirt
A fires his thrusters and tackles B to the ground. B struggles with A on his back but A grabs the back of B’s helmet and rams it into the ground in rapid succession. After the third impact, B goes limp and A returns to pose.

Double Dislocation
A grabs both of B’s arms from behind, then plants his foot on B’s back and wrenches B’s arms out of their sockets. B screams, but his voice is muffled by his helmet. A let’s go of B’s arms and B takes two laboured steps forward before falling face-first on the ground.

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