My Ideal Two-System Multiplayer Progression

In my ideal system, there would be TWO separate progression systems. The first would be the battle passes, the second would be a free, extremely grindy, spartan rank system, using traditional style spartan ranks. No new innovations, could just copy paste the halo reach ranks and change some of the names/emblems.

The free spartan rank system would give players emblems matching their rank, and it would give some different sets of MKVII armour at different milestones in the ranks, with the maximum rank giving the final set of spartan rank armour. Your spartan rank emblem would be displayed on the right hand side of your nameplate. This would be extremely grindy to progress through, and there would be no paid services for boosting through this system. The armour sets achieved through the free spartan rank system would only be accessible through grinding the ranks which would ensure they kept their prestige.

Progressed using personal score on the scoreboard in each pvp match, with a 1.25x score multiplier applied for winning.

The battle pass, challenge system, and store can stay as they are, with challenges used to progress the battle pass. Money will still be thrown at the game by people wanting the battle pass and the shop items, regardless of the free spartan rank system.

The reason I think two progression systems is the best approach for halo infinite is because right now, other than achieving onyx rank, there is no tangible incentive to keep playing after we complete our weekly challenges and six games per day. I still play lots each day just because I am having fun, but “fun” alone probably won’t cut it for an extended period of time. I personally don’t think the battle pass / challenge system is bad - I just don’t think it can fill the role of player progression on its own. I think most of the criticism of the battle pass challenge system comes down to it being the ONLY way to feel like you are progressing, and I get the feeling that the battle pass and challenges weren’t designed to fill this role, but to be a paid addition to an already existing progression system.
I suppose my biggest complaint of relying on the battle passes to fill the role of player progression is the fact that you can just pay to level up to the max level. It completely negates the feeling that there is value to dedicating time to progression, if someone can just pay to “achieve” everything.

I know 343 have already stated multiple times that they are working on changes to the multiplayer progression system and they will have their own ideas as to what they will do, I just wanted to share the ideas that are rattling around inside my head