My Ideal Halo 6

(Copy and paste from the one I did in the general discussion since barely anyone visits the section)

Halo 6: The Reclamation

Release date: Summer 2019. In the perfect world I would delay the game so that we don’t get the same problem we did with Halo 5’s launch.

Campaign: “The galaxy is in fear. With the rise of the joint Created and Forunner army it seems like all hope for humanity is lost. With the Master Chief going insane at the sight of his closest campanion and long time friend being the new threat, he makes the most controversial decision that the UNSC and his fellow Spartans. With the return of an old threat and the new one becoming ever so powerful, it’s time for humanity UNSC to a new war.”

Multiplayer: “New and old, big and small. This is the multiplayer for all Halo fans. With playlist for both the competitive and social crowd, enjoy games with the movement system introduced in Halo 5: Guardians or go old school with classisc gamplayike the days of old. With the improved gametype of Warzone, this truly is the best Halo multiplayer experience!”

Forge: “The fan-favorite Forge mode is here! With the improved Forge introduced in Halo 5, you can now create your own Warzone maps and you can spawn in A.I. This is the Forge that gamers dreamed about.”

REQ: “Same name, old ways. Rank up your Spartan to buy more helmets, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and visors, or buy REQ cards to improve your Warzone experience with a wide variety of weapons and vehicles.”

Firefight: “The fan-favorite survivel horde mode is back! Bring up to 8 of your friends in all the maps. Online or offline, you’ll be sure to have a blast!”

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